This service was very stressful for me thanks to the Powersports Dealership here in Saint Augustine. They took my last jet ski in for its initial break-in service. While they had it, unknown to me at the time. they also replaced the Intercooler which was under a Service Bulletin. When they put it back together, they forgot to tighten the metal clamp on the pump end of the intake cooling hose to the intercoolers liquid cooling system. I made it from Saint Augustine lighthouse to Guinea River Estuary, running at about 20 mph. However, when it was time to head back, a thunderstorm had picked up just to the north of me and was heading south in my direction. So I had to speed up. Suddenly the jet ski started acting weird as if it didnt want to maintain speed. Additionally, it came off its plane.and preceded to sink out from underneath me, with just a small portion of the bow sticking out of the water. It was at this point that the storm had caught up. Lightening was striking all around me. Another jet ski stopped to assist in getting mine back to the beach. They also helped me get ahold of a towing service to get it back to the lighthouse. The cost for that alone was over $1000. Additional, a camera was lost when the jet ski sank. Saint Augustine Powersports admitted liability for failing to tighten down the clamp. But my nightmare was just beginning. While they promptly paid for the camera and tow, they did everything possible to avoid having to pay for the jet ski itself. First, they wrote an estimate on it using the full labor price which includes a large amount of profityeah, they were fully intending to profit off the damage that THEY caused. They worked on this jet ski for over a full year, all while I had loss of use for a jet ski I paid a lot of money for. When they FINALLY took it out for a test run, the engine seized up. So they ended up totalling it. Then they tried to pay only half the value of the jet ski, while they had the nerve to complain that they had a lot of money in parts to repair it as though it was MY FAULT to begin with. It literally took another full year to get any money from them. So needless to say, I was quite nervous when I brought my jet ski in. Henceforth, I apologise to anyone I may have yelled at, as its not your responsibility for anything that other dealer did. I cannot even begin to over estimate the amount of stress the dealership in Saint Augustine actually put me through. I will say this however, after numerous phone conversations with BRP themselves up in Canada, they dropped Saint Augustine Powersports as a dealership for their products and as an authorised service center. I believe that the dealership here had made a deal with their insurance company to take a percentage of the money I was supposed to be paid in order to recoup some of their their losses for the parts and labor they spent trying to fix my jet ski before the engine seized up. Thats money they clearly werent entitled to. I would have never imagined that a professional dealership/service center would damage a customers property to the extent that it had to be completely totalled and think that they had legitimate justification to actually profit off their mistake at the customers expense. Your mechanic did an exceptional job with the work he performed on it. It actually runs better than it did when it was brand new. The engine is clearly smoother running and more responsive. Thank you for a job well done. Its nice to know that theres a great service department at a terrific dealership thatll take care of my needs without my having to worry anymore. Again, THANK YOU for doing an exceptional joband tolerating me as well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JACKSONVILLE POWERSPORTS FOR ALL YOUR BIG BOYS TOYS NEEDS.
Jeffrey Bohemier
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