Robert is awesome! He needs to be your manager! I came into the store, looking for a side-by-side. The first person I encountered was Byron. I was told he was the manager after the fact. He was very rude and condescending. I left the store and went to Honda. I wanted to compare something with the one at Honda so I came back to look at your vehicle again. When I walked in I encountered Robert. What a breath of fresh air! Excellent customer service and very very knowledgeable. Byron told me the vehicle was $3000 more than it actually was. When I came back I just pointed to it and asked Robert. How much is that? He told me the price and I was sold! You would have lost a customer and me if it wasnt for Robert! Maybe Byron didnt think my money would work since I am a black female. Not sure? (Employee: Robert Fortis)
Phyllis Ingram
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